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Teaching English in a foreign country can be an exciting and also nervous adventure venturing out into the great unknown. Nowadays compared with only a short decade ago it is becoming much more common for recent University grads and others to embark on a life teaching abroad and there is much more information available for this to help prepare one. The great unknown is not so unknown compared to the first great wave of teachers going abroad to teach (ESL) English as a second language.

You have the opportunity to live in a different country for a year or more, some stay several years, some marry and raise children, and you are helping the students in that country become more successful in an increasingly globalized marketplace using English as an international second language. Foreign English teachers have been traveling to South Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, France, Turkey and other countries for years to teach English to students. To teach abroad you must have a work visa, and the requirements can be strict depending on which country. Most countries now require similar documents.

Dom’s ESL Café will help you choose a country to teach in and offer basic and in depth information on that country, where to live, your apartment, visas and documents, background check, medical check information, travel spots, and much more. Personal anecdotes, ESL Jobs in Korea & Asia, testimony, forums, blogs, articles, up to date and accurate information as well as 9 Photo Galleries and ESL Jobs in Korea and Asia will give you excellent insight into the world of teaching English (ESL) in South Korea, Japan, Thailand and China. 

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For those living or wishing to live abroad, here are a few tips and kind reminders:
1. A good idea to go with the flow as much as possible. You may not like some aspects of local culture or the way things are done, but letting them slide maybe better on the brain then trying to change or recent them. 2. Experience new cultures as an adventure and new way of life. Most cases it is only small differences, sometimes hundreds that seem to add up over the years of living abroad. After a while you don’t even notice mostly. 3. As with 1 and 2, ‘pick your battles’, a good reminder not to swim against the current or try and change local habits or customs which can be a waste of energy. 4. Try the local food, as much as possible. You may love some of it and is often a better healthy choice compared with Western dishes. 5. Get to know some locals, and make friends. You will get around much better, learn and appreciate the local culture more. 6. Learn some of the local language, even just some simple food items, how to direct a taxi or ask for super market items, can make a World of difference. 7. Enjoy and relax. It may not be a long time, make a great one!










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